• 30Apr

    Tomorrow morning Jess Parsons and I will be participating and volunteering for World Fitness Day at the Georgia Dome.  We are really excited about it! I know I’m not the only one who has done workout videos with these fitness gurus. My college roommate and I would “burn the butter” regularly with Denise Austin – we had no problem moving the furniture and disturbing our neighbors while jumping and pounding our feet on the floor. My mom was a huge fan of Jane Fonda. I can remember trying to use her workout videos when I was in high school – I couldn’t make it 2 minutes into the video without busting out laughing at the early 80’s sweatbands and leg warmers! Do you have fond memories of these fitness icons? Or are you going to be attending this event? Let me know!!

  • 27Apr

    Last Sunday Jess Parsons, our Corporate Wellness Representative, and I gave a presentation on Healthy Living with Nutrition and Menu Planning for a group of seniors and their caregivers at First Baptist Church. This presentation was part of a six week workshop called Senior Caregiving: Challenges and Choices. Carolyn Mattingly the CEO of Advantage Senior Care, Inc. & Advantage Home Care Consulting, LLC put together the workshop.

    I spoke and did some demonstrations on menu planning basics – benefits to planning a menu, steps to menu planning, nutrition considerations, portion control and nutrition labeling.

    Jess spoke about Good Measure Meals and how the meals can meet the needs of populations that might have trouble with menu planning and getting that balanced diet on their own.

    We had a lot of fun with it!

    Good Measure Meals offers wellness education for organizations on topics related to nutrition and wellness.

    These programs include-

    Health initiative programs like weight loss, walking programs, fitness challenges, training for 5K/10K

    Corporate Lunch and Learns on topics such as nutrition, physical activity, stress management, goal setting, comprehensive wellness in the workplace

    Healthy Eating Demonstrations

    Health and Wellness Assessments – one on one fitness assessments, Consult with one of our Registered Dietitians, Wellness and Risk Appraisals

    Grocery Store Visits

    On Site Fitness Programming - classes include but are not limited to yoga, Pilates, functional training, bootcamp/conditioning.

    Support Groups

    If you are interested in investing in your health or the health of your company or want more information on the programs that we can offer contact Jess Parsons at jparsons@goodmeasuremeals.com



  • 19Apr

    This Wednesday, April 21st is a big day for Open Hand. Over 100 restaurants all over the Atlanta area will be donating 20% of your bill to Open Hand!! The fundraiser is called Dining Out for Life. It is Open Hand’s largest annual fundraiser, and helps Open Hand continue to provide freshly prepared, home-delivered meals, nutrition education, coaching and counseling to homebound seniors and individuals who are struggling with chronic, critical or terminal disease in 17 Georgia counties.

    I will be hosting at West Egg Cafe along with Good Measure Meals Corporate Wellness Representative, Jess Parsons. Jess and I had the opportunity to interview Jennifer Johnson, who owns West Egg along with her husband Ben Johnson. Check us out in the video above to get a preview of what this amazing restaurant is all about and also to learn about their new dinner menu.

    Jess and I will be at West Egg Cafe on Howell Mill Road in Midtown from 6pm-10pm. Come out to meet us and eat amazing food – all for a good cause.

    For a list of all the participating restaurants visit – http://diningoutforoh.org

    Thank you for your support.

    I hope to meet you this Wednesday at West Egg Cafe!

  • 14Apr

    Pad Thai is one of Thailand’s national dishes. It is made with a combination of rice noodles, scrambled eggs, green onion, soy sauce, mung bean sprouts, cilantro, and garlic. Pictured in the slideshow below are some of the steps and ingredients used to make Good Measure Meals vegetarian version of this recipe. The final plating of the meal includes the Pad Thai noodles topped with baby corn ears, cubes of roasted tofu and an Asian peanut sauce. We also serve it with a side of stir fried Basil Sugar Snap Peas.

    First our chef, Kim, weights and measures out all of the ingredients for the recipe. This is an important step because I have carefully balanced the nutrition content for all of the recipes to ensure that they fit within our nutritional targets. Then production begins. Check out the slideshow to get an idea of how this recipe is prepared.

    The non-vegetarian version is a new recipe for the spring summer menu. It is made in a similar way as the vegetarian version, but topped with shrimp instead of tofu.

    This recipe is loaded with healthy ingredients that pack A LOT of flavor when they are all combined. Rice noodles have zero grams of fat and 2 grams of fiber/2oz serving. Scrambled eggs add protein to the dish and are also a good source of Choline, a vitamin that keeps your cell membranes working properly, allows your nerves to communicate with your muscles and reduces chronic inflammation. Onions and garlic are members of the Allium family, and both are rich in powerful sulfur-containing compounds that are responsible for their pungent odors and for many of their health-promoting effects. In addition, onions are very rich in chromium, a trace mineral that helps cells respond to insulin, plus vitamin C, and numerous flavonoids, most notably, quercitin.

    Do you like Good Measure Meal’s version of Pad Thai? Let us know what you think by posting a comment on the blog.

  • 06Apr

    We have officially had one week of new menu items. Very exciting stuff! I want to know what you think. Feedback is key to the success of the menus.

    I am actively taking customer comments all of the time – this is really the only way that the menu can keep improving. Our customers voices really are heard. For example, last menu cycle we had several customers tell us that they were sensitive to red bell peppers and that there were just too many in the menu. I took the menu and reviewed every single recipe and every ingredient to identify the meals with red bell peppers – I was then able to modify the recipes and rearrange the new menu so that red bell peppers were spaced farther apart in the menu. This was never something that I had taken into consideration. Now I will be paying close attention to this for all future menus.

    Based on the feedback I can modify or tweak recipes or change the cooking method mid-cycle. I will also use the feedback in future menus.

    There are several ways to get your feedback to me:

    Leave a comment on the blog – click on the title of the blog, scroll down to the bottom and enter your comment. This type of feedback is helpful because everyone can see what you say and other customers might be inclined to get some dialogue going.

    Send me an email – I will reply promptly.
    Send an email through our new website – email goes immediately to Phyllis White, our Customer Service Manager. Go to www.goodmeasuremeals.com and click on “contact us” at the bottom of the page.

    Leave a comment on our facebook page. Also a great way to see what other customers are saying about the food.

    Every week we have a customer feedback report. All the comments go into this report and it is emailed to everyone on our staff, including our chefs. We all work together to resolve the issues and strive to continue making improvements.

    Thanks so much! I look forward to hearing from you!