• 13May

    We are all about health and wellness here, so Good Measure Meals and Open Hand staff took the opportunity to participate in Make a Movement Day! A Texas nonprofit created the day-long initiative encouraging the public to create and share their “Moments” of physical activity (Move), healthy eating (Fuel), and personal and environmental health (Honor) to promote healthy, ACTIVE lifestyles.

    Open Hand and Good Measure Meals™   jumped on board and participated by creating a “moment” of our very own! Last Wednesday, we all met during our lunch break for a “walk-around-the-block” and some healthy snacks provided by our staff!

    We departed from the Armour Building at 12:15pm and complete the 1 mile loop around Armour/Ottley and then all gathered to enjoy some healthy snacks in the Armour Break Room. 

    I really think that everyone saw the beneficial effects of getting outside for some fresh air and movement during the afternoon. I know I personally felt happier, more focused and productive during the late afternoon when I normally lack energy. The weather was beautiful and we all got the opportunity to enjoy the company of each other. It shouldn’t take a special day like this to get us moving, but sometimes it helps!

    For more motivation check out these great articles from The Mayo Clinic:

    As a result of Make a Movement Day our staff has committed to a “walk-around-the-block” as a group every Wednesday at 10am. How are you going to get active today? Share your stories by leaving a comment.

  • 04May

    On April 21st, Open Hand held a fundraiser called Dining Out for Life. Over 100 restaurants all over the Atlanta area donated 20% of all receipts to Open Hand!! It is Open Hand’s largest annual fundraiser, and helps Open Hand continue to provide freshly prepared, home-delivered meals, nutrition education, coaching and counseling to homebound seniors and individuals who are struggling with chronic, critical or terminal disease in 17 Georgia counties.

    Jess Parsons and I were hosts at West Egg Cafe. We asked our guests – “What Motivated you to come to Dining Out for Life?” These are their responses.

    Thank you to everyone who participated in Dining out for Life. Share your experiences and let us know, “What Motivated YOU to Dine Out for Life?”