• 29Sep

    What on earth is corporate wellness?

    I will go ahead and apologize for my “on-camera” skills, but I thought I would share with you all a little about what I do here at Good Measure Meals™.  Check out the video short below on GMM Corporate Wellness.

    Click on the YouTube link to learn more about Corporate Wellness

    Corporate Wellness is one of those vague terms that are thrown around without much knowledge about what it actually comprises.  I figured I could post this week’s blog about Corporate Wellness and what I actually do to help people understand why so much focus is being placed on employee health.  Good Measure Meals™ hired me this past January to develop a Comprehensive Wellness Program that we could implement in the corporate environment.  The thought is that GMM provides nutrition to our community, but so much can be done to expand on wellness through education and program implementation that will motivate and inspire working populations to invest in their health. 

    Think about the amount of time you spend at work.  We’ll average 8 hours, which is ½ of your day that you spend awake, assuming you are getting the recommended amount of sleep.  That means that half of your time Monday –Friday is spent at work, probably sitting at a computer, or performing tasks that have minimal physical activity requirements.  Partner the sedentary workplace environment with a lunch rush that leaves you foregoing a balanced diet and also increasing stress from deadlines and bosses and we have a the elements of a perfect storm.  So why does your company care?  Well, there are many reasons that the modern company takes a vested interest in their employee’s health.  The biggest reason is insurance costs.  About $2.3 trillion is spent annually treating preventable conditions brought on by unhealthy living.  The corporate community has realized that by investing on the front end of wellness, a great deal of money can be saved by preventing chronic diseases.  While saving on insurance costs is reason enough to invest in employee health, employers also noticed that Corporate Wellness Programs we increasing productivity, employee morale, retention, and decreasing absenteeism.  The benefits of preventative measures paid off big, and now most companies large and small and finding ways to implement wellness programs into their workplace culture.

    At GMM, we are all about educating and assisting our community in adopting a healthy lifestyle, so this partnership is quite intuitive.  In the last 9 months, GMM has worked extensively with the corporate community to offer educational Lunch and Learns about Wellness in the Workplace, Nutrition and Behavior Modification, as well as create programming and initiatives to get people on the right track towards optimal health and wellness.  From city employees and teachers to lawyers and consultants, GMM has worked to develop site specific programs that engage and educate employees about investing in their health and seen great results.  An 8-week Biggest Loser competition allowed one municipality to collectively lose over 250 pounds collectively, and a series of lunch and learns at another Atlanta company sparked a companywide initiative to start accruing steps and counting calories.

    Is your company in the need of some health and wellness programing?  Click on the GMM link below to see what all we have to offer and/or email me, Jess Parsons, at jparsons@goodmeasuremeals.com to discuss how we can get your company on board or to invite GMM to your Health, Wellness, & Benefits Fair!


    Does your company currently do any wellness programing for their employees?

  • 20Sep

    Enjoying my favorite dish of the evening!

     Thursday, September 9th, I had the pleasure of attending Party in the Kitchen, A Benefit for Open Hand.  If you ever have the opportunity to join in on this annual event, it is an experience of a lifetime and a culinary masterpiece.  In short, the fundraiser hosts Atlanta’s best chefs from the finest restaurants around the city.  Each chef prepares a signature sampling and, as you can imagine, you simply cannot pass up any of the stations.  The food was amazing and the entertainment kept the 400+ crowd on their toes.  There was a silent auction (Which yours truly took home a haircut and facial from Urban Body! Yay!) and a live auction that boasted a dinner for 12, prepared by chefs Kevin Rathburn, Gerry Klaskala, Shane Touhy, Peter Kaiser and Kevin Maxey at the bidders home!  It was so much fun to see the crowd dressed to the nines in their bright whites enjoying the music and food- I really had a blast!  That being said I wanted to share my favorite dish of the evening.  I mean it was all about the food!

    With so many to choose from, the competition was fierce, but there was one in particular that stood out in my world.  I have to admit that my weakness is in the sweeter foods, so finding an appetizer that managed to incorporate the sweet and savory into a delectable bite, simply did the trick!  Being the health conscious wellness professional that I am, I often limit myself to true decadence to once or twice per week- and boy howdy am I glad I saved room for it on Thursday night. Executive Chef Shane Touhy of Dogwood restaurant (www.dogwoodrestaurant.com) concocted a Foie Gras Custard with Cornmeal Johnny Cake, Georgia Peach Compote, and Moscato Syrup.  Please understand that simply adding Moscato to any dish will win you major points in my world, but the use of the southern staples like peach and cornmeal brought a southern elegance that was as playful as it was sophisticated.  I wish I was better with words to adequately describe the dish to you, but alas, I am a Tech grad, and verbiage was never my forte!  For those of you who are visual, take a gander at the dish below!

    Foie Gras Custard with Cornmeal Johnny Cake, Georgia Peach Compote, and Moscato Syrup

    Ashley and I did manage to snap a shot with Chef Touhy, himself and are looking forward to visiting him at Dogwood to try out his other creations. 

    So all-in-all, it was a phenomenal evening and Open Hand raised a significant amount of money to support our Comprehensive Nutrition Care™ which helps people around Georgia prevent or better manage chronic disease through home delivered meals and nutrition education.  Remember that your support of Good Measure Meals™ also supports this mission, so if you were unable to attend Party in the Kitchen, you are still doing your part!