• 31Jan

    Need some inspiration for a warm healthy meal? A coworker of mine recently handed me a book called, “100 Best Fresh Soups”. This book is filled with simple and healthy recipes for all kinds of soups. It was all I needed to feel inspired to cook something new. Soups are a perfect way to incorporate a variety of seasonal vegetables, fiber friendly beans, whole grain pastas, lean meats and calcium rich dairy into your diet. The options are endless and substitutions are easy! You can use this book as a guide to find inspiration to create your own specialty version.

    Have a favorite soup? Tell us about it!

  • 27Jan

    Lamar Palmer, GMM’s Executive Chef, is currently focusing his attention on developing recipes for the new Spring/Summer GMM menu. Check out this video for a behind the scenes look at one of his latest creations. He is calling it ‘Fruitwood Smoked Chicken Salad’ and it is packed with nutritious and tasty ingredients.

    Do you have ideas for new menu items? Let us know!

  • 26Jan

    Have you been wondering how Good Measure Meals are developed? Who comes up with the ideas? And how does GMM make sure that the menus meet those high nutrition standards? Here’s your chance to meet our executive chef and learn more about his extensive culinary background and how he partners with GMM’s dietitians to create healthy, delicious menus. Please watch the video to find out more!

  • 25Jan

    Back in October Judi Butin, Sales and Marketing Manager for Good Measure Meals, and I were interviewed by Ron Comacho from Radio Sandy Springs. He is the very talented host of the Business Hour. We discussed how Good Measure Meals can be used as a tool for people wanting to eat healthier and lose weight. Ron is a customer and has firsthand experience with the food. Ron asked us a lot of questions related to the meals, the nutrition, the recipe development and Open Hand.

    This was my first experience on the radio. It was fun! To listen to the interview click on the link below.  Enjoy!

    Radio Sandy Springs Good Measure Meals Interview

  • 20Jan

    I was just flipping through the latest publication of Cooking Light Magazine, when I and came across an article called, “The Hidden Sodium in Chicken”. It instantly caught my eye.  The article was written by registered dietitian, Janet Helm. She describes how food industry poultry processors are “enhancing” chicken to make it more juicy and tender. This is information that everyone should be aware of!

    Here are some of the article highlights:

    • Enhanced Poultry means that the chicken has been injected with a mix of water, salt and other additives.
    • 4 oz of raw Enhanced Poultry can contain 330-440 mg of sodium.
    • “Natural”, “100% Natural”, and “All Natural” can be used on the labels of these products even though they’ve been injected with ingredients in concentrations that do not naturally occur in chicken.
    • Read the fine print! Processors are required to let you know what is in the products. Check ingredient lists and nutrition facts. A non-enhanced 4 oz raw serving of poultry should only have about 45-70mg of sodium.
    • Adding only 1/8 tsp of salt to a serving of chicken will add 250mg of sodium. That could cause an already sodium saturated enhanced chicken to have up to 690 mg of sodium. That’s about 1/3 of the current 2,300 mg/day recommendation.

    Check out the full article. The details will amaze you!  The Hidden Sodium in Chicken

  • 14Jan

    I’m so glad that we are finally thawing out in Atlanta. It is amazing how much this snow and ice has affected us all! Thank you to all Good Measure Meal’s customers for your patience and cooperation this week!

    I witnessed every department coming together to help each other out. I was really impressed by everyone’s willingness to stay extended hours and perform tasks outside of their normal job description. It was great to look down the meal packing line and see GMM’s Sales Staff, Vice President, Cooperate Wellness Representative and Dietitians.

    Open Hand, the nonprofit to which all Good Measure Meals™ proceeds go to, is in need of extra help this weekend. The winter storm has slowed deliveries to thousands of homebound seniors and clients with chronic illnesses and disabilities. Drivers are needed to help deliver these meals. If you would like to help please call, (404) 872-2707 or (404) 4488-0081 or show up tomorrow (1/15) at 10am at Open Hand which is located at 176 Ottley Drive in Atlanta.

    Thank you all again!

  • 06Jan

    It’s a brand new year and instead of the usual resolutions, I decided to reframe my objectives for 2011 and incorporate the healthy changes that I want to make into something fun to accomplish.  With a challenge involved, I know I will be more accountable and can easily develop my SMART goals for the new year.  So what did I choose to accomplish in this new year?  If you have been following this blog, you know that my friend Katie loves to challenge me to things I never thought I would do.  This summer, she convinced me to complete my first triathlon, which was rather addictive and something I now look forward to doing again. 

    This time around, she proposed a half marathon.  I might have cringed at the initial thought, as running long distances without purpose is somewhat difficult for me.  Maybe it is my short attention span or possibly the fear of the impact on my aging knees, but I have never had the desire to get out there and run more than a 10K.  Disregarding the initial concern for this new challenge, I decided that in my job I should continually put myself in situations where I face the barriers and challenges that most people face when modifying unhealthy behaviors.  This challenge was now starting to sound like a grand idea.  Challenge myself to something that I didn’t think I could, and share my experiences and struggles with all of you.  Not only will this help keep me accountable, but it will also allow me to use the tools that I spent years studying to help modify my own behaviors and hopefully inspire you to go out and try something new!

    And it gets better… Katie found a half marathon in San Francisco in April.  We could train together in Atlanta and then take a girls weekend to enjoy the west coast, be active and cross half marathon off the old bucket list, and then enjoy some R & R in Napa for a few days for a job well done.   I was sold.  I have to hand it to Katie; she knows how to convince me to do just about anything! 

    So here it is, my 2011 Healthy Life Objective…

    Train and complete “The Other Half”  half marathon in San Francisco on April 10th in less than 2.5 hours.

    It is specific and measureable.  I think it is attainable and the time seems realistic, and it is definitely time orientated…. Seems like a good goal to me!

    What are your goals for 2011?