• 29Mar


    Inman Park Restaurant Week is an awesome opportunity to support Open Hand and experience the wonderful flavor of historic Inman Park and its incredible array of restaurants!

    Choose from three-course dinners ranging from $15 to $35 at any of 12 terrific restaurants .

    Restaurant rich, Inman Park has a wonderful array of restaurants and pubs, offering everything from American, Southern, European and ethnic cuisine to your favorite pub dishes. No wonder it’s become an area with an increasingly sophisticated palate.

    Guests can purchase raffle tickets online or directly from each participating restaurant for $1.00 each, and the three winners of the raffle will win a hosted hors d’oeuvres, beer and wine party at Kevin Rathbun’s Steak’s Patio for ten of their friends. The winners will be announced at the end of the restaurant week. All proceeds will go to Open Hand.

    Participating restaurants include: The Albert, Fritti, The North Highland Pub, Kevin Rathbun Steak, Parish, Park’s Edge, Pure Taqueria, Rathbun’s, Sauced, Sotto Sotto, Wisteria and Victory Sandwich.

    For more information, contact Cliff Bramble directly at 404.524.8280, or visit the event website at www.inmanparkrestaurantweek.com.

  • 28Mar


    This is a free opportunity to get nutrition facts from the experts. Anyone can call the hotline this Wednesday, March 30th from 4-7PM and get credible sound and practical nutrition advice from Georgia Registered Dietitians!

    What Should You Ask?  The options are endless! Need advice about ways to lower your cholesterol, blood sugar or blood pressure?  Need help getting over a weight loss plateau?  Wondering how long you can keep last night’s casserole in the fridge?  Looking for new ways to feed your family? No question is a bad question.

  • 10Mar

    The fifth season of Atlanta’s Biggest Loser Contest begins this week! This competition is sponsored by 11 Alive and Atlanta & Company. You can tune in every Wednesday at 11am to Atlanta & Company to get the latest updates on how all the contestants are doing and interviews with Good Measure Meals, Wellstar, Go with Greer Personal Training, and D.R.E.A.M 1122 Personal Training. This season is a little bit different than other seasons because the two teams are made up of couples.  Each couple is assigned a team, either the blue team or the red team. Each team has a trainer. The red team – D.R.E.A.M 1122 Personal Training and the blue team – Go with Greer Personal Training. The trainers will develop workouts for the teams that will help them gain strength and increase endurance. Wellstar will provide a variety of health screenings for each contestant. And Good Meausure Meals will be providing the contestant’s meals!

    We are very excited to be providing the food again for all of the contestants. We were honored to be invited to the kickoff luncheon several weeks ago. Judi Butin, Sales and Media Manager, gave everyone an overview of Good Measure Meals and I was there to calculate the appropriate calorie level for each contestant.

    Check out the pictures from the luncheon…

  • 03Mar
    Organized pantry

    lorimarsha on flickr

    Have you ever wondered if your pantry needs a healthy makeover? Would you like to be able to identify the healthiest products in the grocery store? I can help! I will be speaking at One to One Health Centers in Marietta on Tuesday, March 8th at 6:30 pm. During this interactive one hour seminar I will talk about how to makeover your pantry so that you are confident that you are buying the products containing the most nutritious ingredients. 

    Unfortunately, food product companies sometimes mislead the public with the information they put on the front of their labels.  What you see on the front of the label is advertising and may not be truly indicative of the healthy content of the product itself.

    This Pantry Makeover seminar will help you see beyond the advertising and hype on the front of the labels so that you can make the best choices when grocery shopping.

    I’ll also talk about easy ways you can makeover your favorite not so healthy recipes. I’ll help you identify ingredients that can be substituted to save on sodium, fat, calories and increase vitamins, minerals, and fiber content within your favorite recipes. I’ll also demonstrate one of these recipe makeovers so that you can taste how delicious these substitutions really can be!

    One to One Health Centers is located at 700 Sandy Plains Road, Marietta, GA.  30066.  770-795-0091.  We are requesting a voluntary $10 per person donation for our parent organization, Open Hand.

    I hope you will join us! Please let me know if you have questions.

    If you would like to host one of our many nutrition seminars, let me know: aritchie@goodmeasuremeals.com

  • 02Mar

    The Sweetwater Brewing Company has invited Open Hand as one of the nonprofit guest brewers in this year’s Brew Your Cask Off event. Sweetwater has invited about 80 other guest amateur brewers. The list includes many well-known restaurants around town, some celebrities, some media, and also some nonprofits. Basically these guest brewers will come up with their own flavor and ingredients and, with Sweetwater’s help; they will create their own special brew. Each beer will be judged and awards will be given out. There is a “charity award” category, which will go to the best nonprofit beer. Cross your fingers for an Open Hand win! 5 lucky winners will have their casks recreated to be sampled in a cask ale taste at the Sweetwater 420 Festival. Volunteers from the Home Depot have created Open Hand’s special brew – Peach Fuzz Ginger “Ale”. Sounds tasty!

    Brew Your Cask Off takes place this Saturday (March 5th) from 6-10pm. Pre-sale tickets are $35 and then $40 the day of the event. You can buy your tickets and find out more information by clicking here.  

    I know that beer can be a frightening choice for someone that is on a diet. It is true, the calories and carbohydrates in beer can quickly add up. The good news is that there have been increased research studies over the last several years that have looked at the properties within beer and their health benefits. Yes, beer just like wine (in moderation) has been shown to be beneficial to your health.

    An article recently published in the American Dietetic Association’s Times Magazine breaks down the potential health benefits and nutritional breakdown for us….

    • Increases HDL cholesterol – that is the “good” cholesterol
    • Lowers LDL cholesterol – that is the “bad” cholesterol
    • Reduces the risk of blood clotting by lowering fibrinogen and blood platelet aggregation
    • Lowers incidence of gallstones and lowers risk for kidney stones
    • Decreases risk of type 2 diabetes
    • Improves cognitive function in older adults
    • Greater bone mineral density; due to the high content of silicon in beer
    • It is fat free
    • May also contain some fiber
    • Contributes folate, selenium, silicon, vitamin B6, niacin, pantothenic acid and riboflavin.
    • It is also a plant source of vitamin B12
    • More research is needed to determine the polyphenol and antioxidant levels and absorption rate.

    Drinking in moderation is the key!!! This translates to up to one drink/day for women and up to two drinks daily for men. 12 fluid ounces of regular beer is the equivalent to one drink and equals approximately 150 calories and 13 grams of carbohydrates. On special occasions, this can fit into a healthy lifestyle and still allow you to meet your weight loss and health goals.

    For more information from the Mayo Clinic on Tips for Healthy Drinking and the Health Benefits of Alcohol, click here.

    Will you be attending this event? Let us know! Cheers!

  • 01Mar

    Food safety is at the top of our list here at Good Measure Meals. When it comes to transporting the food, it is very important to keep the meal plans at a safe temperature throughout the delivery route. This is why Good Measure Meals transports and delivers all food in our fleet of refrigerated trucks. It is too risky for food to be delivered in room temperature vehicles. It doesn’t take long for harmful bacteria to multiply and make the food unsafe and risky for consumption.

    Once the food reaches our customers it is important for them to follow these food safety steps:

    1. Minimize the amount of time that the meals are kept at room temperature. Put them into the refrigerator as soon as possible. Don’t leave them out on the counter or in your car for long periods of time.
    2. Eat the meals on the day marked on the label. If the meals can’t be eaten that day, you can freeze them for consumption at a later date.
    3. Reheat food to a safe temperature of 165 °F or until steaming hot.

    Come along on a route with us by clicking on the video below and see just how important these trucks are to food safety.