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    Thanks to my job at Good Measure Meals, I found a new love. Who knew when I took this job a little more than a year ago that I would be introduced to so many foods I had yet to try? Let me tell you about my latest discovery. Farro is an ancient grain grown in Italy (as I envision it, flourishing along the Tuscan hillsides). It’s nutty, hearty and a great substitute for orzo pasta or brown rice. Farro arrived on the Good Measure Meals menu in the past year. I was excited to try a new grain (well, new to me) and even more excited to find out we were adding it to our menu in the form of a farrotto (aka farro risotto).

    You mean to tell me Good Measure Meals is serving up a whole grain version of one of my favorite, indulgent Italian dishes? What could be better?

    The farro based risotto is absolutely one of my favorite menu items. We also serve up a farro hot cereal – as an alternative to oatmeal. I can’t say I enjoy it as much in the cereal form, but it is a creative way to add variety at breakfast.

    So to continue my journey with farro, I decided to give it a try in my own kitchen. A quick search for farro online guided me to Farro and Roasted Butternut Squash.

    I modified it a bit by substituting sweet potatoes for butternut squash and olive oil for walnut oil. In one word: A-Maz-Ing.

    If farro is something you haven’t tried, give it a try via our menu at Good Measure Meals, or create an adventure in your own kitchen. You won’t be disappointed.


    By: Bethany Smith

    Community Health Representative

    Registered Dietitian, Licensed Dietitian, Certified Specialist in Oncology Nutrition, Certified in Adult Weight Management

    Bethany earned her bachelor’s degree in Health & Sports Studies from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, relocated to Georgia to complete a Dietetic Internship at Georgia State University, and became a Registered & Licensed Dietitian in 1998.  Over the past 13 years, she has spent her career working in diabetes education, oncology and healthcare management.  She enjoys coaching individuals who have eating challenges during cancer treatments, counseling adults who want to lose or gain weight and educating those who want to eat healthier to reduce their risk of disease.   Bethany enjoys public speaking and educating fellow dietitians and is also a former speaker for the pharmaceutical company Digestive Care, Inc. where she educated oncology healthcare professionals throughout the Southeastern US, Michigan and Ohio.  She currently provides nutrition education to the Atlanta community and beyond by writing three weekly blogs, including the blog at Good Measure Meals.  In 2009, she was recognized as Outstanding Dietitian of the Year by the Georgia Dietetic Association for her achievements and contributions to her profession.   Bethany enjoys staying active through a local boot camp, training for races with friends, traveling, playing tennis and taking long walks and hikes with her dog.



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