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    Contributed by Good Measure Meals Registered Dietitian, Laura Delfausse

    Next Monday marks Memorial Day, a holiday when we all take time out of our lives to remember those who have fallen defending our country.  I think it is only appropriate to also take a break from the usual nutrition conversation, and instead focus on our nation’s heroes.

    It is not in me to put my life in danger in such a courageous way, so I have the utmost respect for all the men and women who are willing to sacrifice and serve on my behalf.

    Happy Veterans Day

    Good Measure Meals supports Open Hand to serve our community by empowering people to live healthier, more productive lives.

    Open Hand family volunteering

    A family volunteers with Open Hand by delivering meals together to individuals in the community.

    To all military, their families and loved ones, I say thank you, though it doesn’t seem quite enough.  But that is why I consider myself lucky to work for Open Hand Atlanta, an organization that works to provide meals and nutritional support to a very special and underserved population, many of whom are veterans.  I have personally met many of these veterans in their homes and in various community centers around the city.  They are your parents, your grandparents, your sisters or brothers.  Some advertise their service proudly, while others prefer to blend into the background.  They come from all walks of life and all regions of the country, but they all deserve our highest respect.

    As you may or may not know, Good Measure Meals is the social enterprise for Atlanta non-profit Open Hand, and 100% of the profits of this company support the Open Hand mission.  So, if you are currently a Good Measure client or have been one in the past, you can rest assured that you, too, are helping to supply nutritionally balanced meals to deserving veterans and many, many others.  And the support does not end with just the meals.  We also provide community education and nutritional counseling as well, because we believe a comprehensive approach to nutrition is best.

    If you would like to become more involved with Open Hand please visit our website at: www.projectopenhand.org

    For information on how to further help our soldiers and veterans, here are just a few options:

    The USO: http://www.uso.org/

    Soldier’s Angels: http://soldiersangels.org/donating-items.html

    Rivers of Recovery: http://www.riversofrecovery.org

    Horse Rhythm Foundation: http://www.horserhythm.org/

    American Red Cross: http://www.redcross.org/ca/los-angeles/ways-to-donate/individual-gifts/support-military-families

    National Military Family Association: http://www.militaryfamily.org/our-programs/operation-purple

    open hand couple volunteer

    A couple volunteers in the Open Hand Atlanta kitchen, packing meals for delivery across the city.




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