• 12Nov

    Contributed by GMM Registered Dietitian, Jamie Hamblin.

    What new foods have you tried lately?

    Well…we’re starting a new tradition over at Good Measure Meals

    What do you think you get when you cross three hungry dietitians with two food loving public health students? The beginning of a beautiful tradition…drum roll please… “Try Friday!”

    Try Friday is a weekly opportunity to test out new recipes, taste exotic foods you see at the grocery store but never work up the courage to pull off the shelf, and most importantly, EAT.

    The first episode of Try Friday features Joy Goetz, RD at Open Hand, as she shows off her apple crisp (a healthier alternative to apple pie). And Bryant Torres, public health student at Emory, tells us about his special recipe for roasted Brussels Sprouts. If you need some inspiration for healthy cooking, or if you are looking for a few dietitian tricks for cooking traditional holiday foods, this is where it’s at.


    Now on to our second recorded week of “Try Friday.” That’s right, it’s a two-in-one special!

    To me, this episode highlights why many people feel passionately about food and nutrition.

    There is something powerful about good food. Plain and simple. As my favorite chef Rebecca Katz calls it, it’s “the power of yum.”

    This week, Kayla Costello, another all-star public health student, contributes pumpkin gnocchi with an amazing butter sauce. (Isn’t butter divinity? In moderation, of course.) Also, shout-out to Kayla for spending all Sunday afternoon in her kitchen rolling pasta dough with her fingers, so that the rest of us could eat like royalty on Friday.

    Stay tuned to the Good Measure Meals blog for more Try Friday updates as we put our tastebuds to good use and try out new recipes.

    Happy eating!