• 16Nov

    We polled the GMM office staff for their favorite Thanksgiving foods…and we came up with a pretty decent spread! What will be on your table on Thursday?

    Q: What is your all-time favorite Thanksgiving dish/side/piece de resistance?

    A: Judi: Stuffing recipe that is now being prepared by the fourth generation of my family. Still chop the ingredients in a wooden bowl by hand.

    Bethany: Mashed potatoes topped with my grandmother’s homemade egg noodles. It’s a lot of carbs, but delicious comfort food!

    Katherine: I love all the traditional green bean/broccoli casseroles so much, but when my grandma started bringing roasted brussels sprouts, it changed my Thanksgiving world. YUM!

    Ashley: Sweet baked potatoes topped with candied pecans. My mom has been making this at Thanksgiving for years. She is particular about choosing the darkest Red Garnet sweet potatoes.

    Philip: Anything with beets or brussels sprouts!!

    Jess: We have a family recipe for a pumpkin dip with cranberry and orange – delicious! Served with pecan crackers…yum….

    David: I’m Southern – cornbread dressing with gravy! Also sweet potato casserole with pecans.

    GMM staff are fans of good cooking - as exhibited at Food Day 2012 in October.

  • 16Nov

    This is me posing next to a giant carrot at the food and nutrition expo. There were over 400 venders showcasing the latest in nutrition products.

    I attended the American Dietetic Association’s Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo last week. It was held in Boston. This conference is the world’s largest meeting of food and nutrition experts – more than 10,000 registered dietitians, nutrition science researchers, policy makers, health care professionals and industry leaders attend the annual meeting – and address key issues affecting the health of all Americans. The annual conference features more than 100 research and educational presentations, lectures, debates, panel discussions and culinary demonstrations. It was really an amazing event!

    I had the opportunity to hear many educational sessions that covered the hottest topics in nutrition including obesity, the green revolution in food, the science of spices and herbs, new sodium guidelines and culinary trends. It was fun and inspirational to attend several cooking demos highlighting a huge variety of healthful foods. I also walked the expo floor and got a look at over 400 companies featuring new, innovative products and services related to nutrition. It was a really great experience.

    Have you heard of Anthony Bourdain? He gave the most entertaining session by far! If you don’t know Anthony Bourdain – check him out! He is a chef and author of Kitchen Confidential and is best known for traveling the globe on his stomach, daringly consuming some of the world’s most exotic dishes on his hit Travel Channel TV show, Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations. He gave an enlightening and entertaining presentation on how cultures from around the world are hanging on to their authentic cuisine and ingredients and the positive results on the communication between cultures. It was very interesting indeed!

    Anthony Bourdain presented the closing session entitled "How to Stop Worrying and Enjoy Globalization"

    I also attended a very informative session on the latest research related to spices and herbs and how they can help improve health. The speakers presented several studies on exciting new findings related to the potential protective benefits of spices and herbs which are rich in polyphenols and antioxidants. The session included a culinary demonstration which inspired me to want to incorporate these healthful and flavorful spices and herbs into more Good Measure Meals recipes. Gotta love an extra boost of flavor combined with extra health benefits! I will be writing a new blog post very soon highlighting some of these health promoting spices and herbs. Tell me – what are your favorite spice and herb flavorings?

  • 14Dec

    This is your opportunity to communicate with the lady who makes the menu happen. My hope is for this blog to become a fun way for us to interact. I’ll be sharing information about the menu, the recipes and healthy food in general. I will be inviting you to post your ideas for new menu items and to comment on a wide range of food and health related topics.

    You may be wondering, who is this lady that decides what I will be eating every day? Well, I’ve always loved food. In fact my first word was cookie! Seriously! I guess that means I was born with a sweet tooth. My mother taught me the importance of eating healthy early on. Growing up she always packed incredibly healthy lunches for me to take to school and served my family and a nice green side salad in addition to the main entrée at dinnertime. She was and still is a stellar role model! I decided I wanted to take my love for food and make it a career. I became a registered dietitian in 2006. A variety of experiences lead me from Northern Virginia to Atlanta and eventually here to Good Measure Meals.

    I’m open to hearing about what you want to eat and how do you want to eat it. Let’s work together to make the menu the best it can be! Cheers to good health and good food!