• 09Oct

    Today’s post was contributed by Alissa Palladino, RD, LD.

    notes from the kitchen

    The signs of fall are undeniable, from the cooler weather and leaves changing colors to pumpkin-flavored versions of just about everything! Good Measure Meals is marking the change of seasons by launching its fall/winter menu. You’ll still find many of your favorite meals, with the addition of seasonal vegetables and fall-inspired flavors. Here’s the inside scoop on some of our new items for autumn.

    It’s all about orange vegetables this season. High in vitamins A and C, fiber and potassium, nutritional powerhouses like butternut squash and sweet potatoes will help protect your eyes, support your immune system, regulate blood sugar and cholesterol levels, and promote heart health. Plus, beta-carotene, the pro-vitamin A pigment that gives these veggies their bright orange color, is a powerful antioxidant.

    You’ll find roasted butternut squash and oven roasted sweet potatoes on our fall/winter menu as tasty and nutritious side dishes at lunch and dinner. They also make appearances as main dishes in creamy Butternut Squash Ravioli and a returning favorite, Sweet Potato Spinach Burgers.
    sweet potatoes


    Another seasonal vegetable to look for this fall are Brussels sprouts. Packed with fiber, vitamin C and folate, these cruciferous vegetables don’t deserve their bad rep! They’re delicious roasted, which is exactly how you’ll find them as a savory side dish to our lunch and dinner meals.

    Some breakfast staples also get a fresh fall makeover with the addition of cranberries, in season during Fall/Winter. From orange cranberry scones to cranberry maple sauce for dipping French toast sticks, you’ll get a perfect balance of sweet and tart flavors and a good source of vitamin C and fiber to power up your morning.

    Start the season off right and enjoy the fresh favors of fall with Good Measure Meals!

  • 09Jul

    Today’s post was contributed by guest blogger Frances Ennis, GMM Spring Dietetic Intern

    It’s not uncommon to start a weight loss plan and feel like you’re doing everything right, and yet the weight doesn’t seem to come off. What gives? Perhaps your answer could lie in one of the following 5 questions. If you’re guilty of one or more of these, we might have found the culprit.

    GMM Greek Yogurt Breakfast Parfait with Apricot Compote

    GMM Greek Yogurt Breakfast Parfait with Apricot Compote

    1. Are you skipping breakfast?
    While skipping breakfast sounds like a great way to “save calories” for a meal later in the day, it actually can cause you to feel those mid-morning hunger aches which lead to mindless snacking on high calorie junk foods. If you don’t have time to make breakfast yourself, let GMM take care of you with our tasty and balanced breakfast menu options!

    2. Are you drinking your calories?
    So you’re eating a balanced diet and watching the calories you eat, but what about your drinks? If you drink a glass of orange juice at breakfast, a flavored coffee drink for your morning energy boost, a glass of lemonade at lunch, and a glass of wine with dinner you’ve consumed up to 700 calories in beverages alone! Try to sub out those drinks for water with lemon or unsweetened tea. It will make achieving your weight loss goal much easier.

    3. Are you eating too much of the right foods?
    Even though consuming a balanced diet with all of the food groups is the best way to keep your body fueled during weight loss, calorie intake is what drives that scale number down. It’s important to monitor your portion sizes even when you are eating the healthy foods. Try eating your meal on a salad plate instead of an entrée plate, and wait 15 minutes before going back for second helpings. If you’re unsure of what appropriate portion sizes are, GMM can take the guesswork out of the equation and provide you with the right amount of food you need to achieve your goals.

    4. Do you think about exercise a lot?
    It’s easy to see a new exercise routine as license to eat a few extra calories, but that quickly defeats the goal of weight loss. And studies have shown that merely thinking about exercise can cause you to be hungrier and eat more! Avoid the temptation and restrict your pre- or post-gym snack to 150 calories or less.

    sleep5. Are you getting enough sleep?
    Inadequate sleep can send your body into a fat and carb-craving survival mode. Additionally, if you’re awake more hours of the day, it’s easy to make time for another meal or snack which adds to your calorie tally for the day. Most adults need 7-8 of sleep hours each day. If you still find yourself groggy after 8 hours, you might need up to 9. It’s also much easier to muster the energy for exercise after you’ve had a good night’s sleep.

    Remember, the best and safest way to lose weight is all about balance. Balance your nutrients. Balance your calorie intake and exercise. Stay hydrated and get plenty of sleep. If you’re still unsure of what to do, reach out to our registered dietitians for a consult at customerservice@goodmeasuremeals.com!

  • 27Mar

    Today’s post is contributed by GMM Community Nutrition Educator/Culinary Specialist, Ashley Van Cise.

    Adding a variety of color to my plate is one way that I keep myself on a healthy eating track. By choosing color, I know I’m eating an assortment of vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals.

    Pictured here are foods that I’ve made at home, highlighting some of my attempts to add color to my own plate. I’ve called out the phytochemicals that correlate to the color and the potential health benefits of each one.

    cherry tomato and basil pasta salad
    Cherry Tomato and Basil Pasta Salad – check out the bright red and yellow tomatoes. These tomatoes have concentrated amounts of lycopene which have been studied for their ability to protect against heart disease and cancer.

    blueberry oat
    Blueberry Oat Bran Muffins – focus your eye on the blueberries in these muffins. Their blue/purple color comes from a type of flavonoid called anthocyanins, which can act like antioxidants, reduce inflammation and combat against cancer cells.

    Black Bean Chili with Sweet Potatoes and Swiss Chard
    Black Bean Chili with Sweet Potatoes and Swiss Chard – Notice the orange going on here. Sweet potatoes are high in beta carotene which is a type of carotenoid that may protect against heart disease. The beans also contain flavonoids that can decrease inflammation and protect against heart disease, stroke and cancer.

    Roasted BBQ Chicken, Quinoa Pilaf and Arugula Salad with Radish and Carrots
    Roasted BBQ Chicken, Quinoa Pilaf and Arugula Salad with Radish and Carrots – There are a several healthy things going on in this picture. First, let me highlight the arugula which contains lutein, a type of carotenoid that can work to maintain healthy vision and protect eyes from cataracts and macular degeneration. Also notice the red radish, these contain anthocyanins, which I mentioned when discussing the blueberries found in the Oat Bran Muffins.

    Grilled Vegetables topped with Fresh Basil
    Grilled Vegetables topped with Fresh Basil – Check out those onions. Even though onions are white, they are high in a flavonoid called quercetin which works as an antioxidant to decrease inflammation and protect the body against heart disease, stroke and certain types of cancer.

    The way phytochemicals work and the optimum amounts for consuming are still being researched. Your goals should be to incorporate 5-9 servings of colorful fruits and veggies daily.

    What is the most colorful food on your plate today?

  • 03Sep

    Contributed by GMM Community Dietitian, Sarah Shanahan, MS, RD, LD

    I lived the last 9 years and the entirety of my dietetics career in Manhattan. When I contemplated the move back to Atlanta, after living in New York and Chicago before that, I had a lengthy pro and con list. But there were only a few key things that truly worried me: Losing direct access to water and running along it at sunrise, the ability to commute on foot and use public transportation, and the amazing food scene.

    My move was seamless. DSC_1273_croppedI landed this awesome job with Good Measure Meals right after my arrival; I bought a car and, strangely, don’t mind driving in this mad Atlanta traffic; and I found a nice running route on the Freedom Parkway Path and the Beltline. So I almost don’t miss the water. This is not the same Atlanta that I left 17 years ago. It’s bigger, faster, and there is definitely a thriving food scene in this town.

    OK, Atlanta is still not New York. New York is the birthplace of the celebrity chef and home to Slow Food USA and endless options for foodie-approved dining. Food is a topic on everyone’s tongue (no pun intended); not only do we have to eat to survive, but we are getting very creative with food composition and presentation. When I left Atlanta, I don’t remember having a favorite restaurant. There just weren’t that many options. Now I have a list of places I am eagerly waiting to check out.

    I’m excited to say that there is one thing Atlanta has that New York still doesn’t: Good Measure Meals. In my private nutrition counseling practice in New York, I was asked by clients for healthy meal delivery options. I had a great resource for a few years, but as with many small businesses, they tanked when the economy did. The only options left were national chains that made frozen and shelf stable meals filled with preservatives.

    Sarah with GMMI wish I had access to Good Measure Meals’ fresh, healthy and balanced, gourmet meal plans when I was in New York. It is incredibly difficult to make balanced meals that are delicious and provide a large variety of regional and international flavors. I love that I can recommend healthy versions of southern favorites, like barbeque and fried chicken. GMM’s Carolina style BBQ Pulled Chicken with Chow-Chow Relish, Field Peas and Chilled Banana Pudding is a delicious and healthy take on a meal that, if made elsewhere, could easily throw a week’s worth of calorie counting out the window. I also love our Southern Style Oven-Fried Chicken, BBQ Beans, and Collard Greens, which tastes good enough to satisfy your craving for the traditional high-fat Southern meal.

    My personal favorites are breakfasts. I especially look forward to that Monday morning every four weeks when I can enjoy our Tomato Frittata with Oven Roasted Sweet Potatoes and Juicy Orange Segments. Yes, I also order our Good Measure meal plans — I love the food, and they make meal time super convenient. I am proud to work for Good Measure Meals, and having our meal plans to stand behind makes me feel great about what I do every day.

    Nice work Atlanta! You are changing, growing, offering more, and you are a lovely place to call home.

  • 29Apr

     Contributed by GMM Registered Dietitian, Rachel Stroud


    Let’s have a conversation about breakfast. This so-called “most important meal of the day”.

    I love it. On weekend mornings one of my favorite splurges is to keep the lights low, French press some coffee, light a candle, play soft music, and make something delicious.  This weekend it was zucchini bread pancakes so chock-full of zucchini you could have practically called the spiced cakes “veggies”.  Or so I told myself. Saturday morning breakfasts are my ultimate “me” time.

    But let’s face it, Saturday mornings are not real life.  I wish.  Most of the time, I don’t have time for breakfast.  *gasp!* What a horrible thing for a dietitian to admit, but it’s true.

    On weekday mornings I get stuck in major food ruts.  I’ll eat loads of different veggies, fruits, proteins, etc for all other meals, but breakfast is as routine as my shower regimen.  I will eat the exact same breakfast for months, easily, until I cannot bear to look at another piece of peanut butter toast.  I want to say that I prioritize a hearty breakfast and that I revel in its metabolic sacredness, but my last 3 months of daily lemon greek yogurt and stove top granola might tell otherwise.  Hey, at least I picked a healthy rut…this time.

    If there is one thing that can truly get me (almost) drooling, it’s the menu for GMM breakfasts. Their deliciousness is compounded by the fact that I don’t have to touch a single pot or kitchen utensil.  All I have to do is poke a few buttons on the microwave. Don’t judge: I’ve been known to eat them for lunch.  I’m sorry, but can you really blame me?  Take a look at this week’s Healthy Selection breakfast list:

    Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Monday
    Whole Wheat Banana Bread and Crustless Garden Quiche   served with Fresh Cantaloupe Tropical Muesli: a mixture of Cinnamon Oats, Banana, Mango and Toasted   Almonds served with Vanilla Greek Yogurt Build Your Own Breakfast Sandwich with an Egg Patty, Chicken Sausage and   Cheddar Cheese on a Honey Wheat English Muffin served with a side of Grits. Whole Grain Cherry Walnut Bread with Cottage Cheese Whole Wheat Waffle with Apple Cinnamon Compote, Low Fat Vanilla Yogurt and   Turkey Sausage Links Whole Wheat Lemon Poppy Seed Bread with Scrambled Eggs and Egg Whites, Served   with Fruit Salad Mixture of Cantaloupe, Honeydew, Pineapple, Oranges and   Grapes Whole Wheat Buttermilk Pancakes with Peach Sauce and Buttery Spread with a   side of Scrambled Eggs and Egg Whites



    Be honest.  You’d eat it for lunch, too.  So here’s the thing: if you’re like me and you love fancy, hearty breakfasts, but have no time to make it your reality (outside of Saturday mornings).


    Give in.  Just call.  Let us do the work for you.  There is one option where you don’t have to sacrifice time, or health, or enjoyment.  It’s Good Measure Meals.  There’s even a way you can still have your magical breakfast-filled Saturday mornings:  Grab a 5 day plan and enjoy your independent, French-pressed weekends, but embrace the fact that you can start your weekday mornings well, too.  You deserve it.

    Just add coffee.  (For me, anyway.)





  • 18Apr


    My favorite way to add more veggies at breakfast - an egg scramble!

    Growing up, my parents weren’t coffee drinkers.  We didn’t wake up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee that I love, but rather to the sound of the morning news, the toaster and/or cereal being poured into a bowl.   Mom made sure we didn’t leave home empty-handed OR with an empty stomach.  I honestly can’t think of one single day when we didn’t eat breakfast.

    College temporarily changed my habits for four years.  Half the time I didn’t get out of bed until noon, and on the other days, breakfast was a very large heavily caffeinated travel mug of coffee loaded with cream and sugar to keep me awake and focused through 8 a.m. biochemistry lectures.  Fast forward to five day work weeks and the heart palpitations from caffeine overload (and perhaps my newly found knowledge via a degree in nutrition) soon had me rethinking my cream with coffee breakfast.

    As cliché as it sounds, breakfast IS the most important meal of the day for many reasons.  Why eat a healthy breakfast?  Kathleen Zelman, RD at WebMD.com has a few answers:

    · To get a more nutritionally complete diet

    · To improve mental performance in school and at work

    · For enhanced strength and endurance for physical activity

    · Breakfast eaters tend to weigh less than those who skip breakfast (and coffee doesn’t count as breakfast…)

    Is coming up with new ideas and having time to make breakfast a challenge?

    Try our new Spring/Summer menu to explore our new breakfast meals!  This week’s highlights:

    · Cashew Butter Oatmeal made with Steel Cut Oats served with Raspberry Sauce and Fresh Seasonal Fruit.

    · Tomato and Mushroom Frittata made with Chives, Parsley and Mozzarella Cheese with Breakfast-Style Sweet Potatoes aside Citrus Salad.

    · Whole Wheat Oatmeal Breakfast Bread with Flaxseeds and Walnuts aside Scrambled Eggs and Egg Whites with Applesauce.

    Are you currently on a dinner only plan with Good Measure Meals and having a tough time with breakfast?

    Consider changing to a 3 meal/day plan that includes breakfast.   If it’s too much food for you, share the food (and the cost) with your spouse, friend or neighbor!

    Looking for more ideas or prefer to make your own breakfast?

    Our cooking demo theme at the Cancer Support Community this month is Healthful Approaches to Brunch.  Along with guest dietitian Bonnie Dixon, we cooked up Cherry Pecan Bran Muffins, a Veggie Egg Scramble with Dill and Overnight Oatmeal highlighting the benefits of steel cut oats – Delish!   Click here to view all of our recipes from past cooking demos at CSC!

  • 19Nov

    Breakfast is an essential component of a balanced diet, and not only provides your body with the energy that you need to function throughout the morning, but also assists with weight management by jump starting your metabolism!  I will admit that I have always been a breakfast eater, but until I started on my Good Measure Meals™- I usually resorted to a grab and go item or a bowl of cereal if I had the time.  I knew that I should be eating a more nutrient dense morning meal, but who has the time to whip up and perfectly balance breakfast?

    I have GMM to thank for my new morning routine, that still manages to keep my mornings quick (I really do enjoy hitting the snooze button in the A.M.!) and provides me with the protein and energy to make it through the day!  In honor of breakfast, I wanted to write a quick blog post about one of my favorite breakfast entrees, the Pumpkin Oatmeal Breakfast Bar with Cranberries and Walnuts!  We all love the taste, but in GMM fashion, there is a lot of great nutrition that goes into the recipe, so I thought I would break down some of the ingredients for everyone, to show you why our culinary staff includes certain items in our menu!  Here it goes…

    Pumpkin: A naturally low fat and low calorie food, pumpkin is packed with disease fighting nutrients like alpha and beta-carotene, fiber, vitamins C & E, potassium and magnesium. The carotenes are converted into vitamin A once eaten and promote healthy vision immune response.  There is also evidence that pumpkin helps reverse skin damage caused by the sun and acts as an anti-inflammatory.  The Carotenoid properties of pumpkin also boost immunity and lessen the risk of heart disease!

    Oats: A great source of soluble fiber, oats have been proven to help lower “bad” cholesterol (LDL), boost “good” cholesterol(HDL), maintain a healthy circulatory system, and help prevent heart attacks!  Not only do they provide these heart healthy benefits, they are also jam packed with a wide range of vitamins and minerals including vitamins B and E, magnesium, iron and calcium!  They are also low on the glycemic index, so for folks managing insulin resistance, oats are a great addition to the diet!

    Cranberries: They may be small, but this tiny fruit is a powerhouse for health!  Cranberries are high in soluble fiber and protect against heart disease.  Because of their quinic acid content, they are one of the best treatments for urinary tract infections and help prevent digestive disorders and stomach ulcers

    Walnuts: Nuts are notorious for their high fat content, but walnuts are much richer in polyunsaturated fats than monounsaturated fats, boasting an unusually high content of omega-3 fatty acid.  This makeup proves walnuts to be helpful in the prevention of heart disease, cancers, arthritis, skin problems and disorders of the nervous system.  There’s more too!  Walnuts have been should to lower “bad” cholesterol and blood pressure, while increasing the elasticity of the arteries!

    Cinnamon: Did you know that cinnamon has an anticoagulant compound (cinnamaldehyde) that can help protect against strokes?  It is also an anti-inflammatory, shown to relieve symptoms of arthritis and asthma…hard to believe, right?  The benefits don’t stop there though, cinnamon also functions as a digestive aid- relieving bloating and flatulence, and reducing heartburn… maybe that’s why it is so abundant in the holiday feasts!

    Now that you know some of the health benefits of this morning treat, get excited about Monday morning, because your GMM breakfast kicks off the week with our very own Pumpkin Oatmeal Breakfast Bar goodness!

    What’s your favorite Good Measure Meal™ Breakfast?

  • 07Jul

    #2 – Dried Cherries, A little Bit of Honey and Pecans!! Thank you so much to everyone that voted. I have to be honest. I wasn’t expecting #2 to win. I am so glad I asked for your opnion. I really want the menu to reflect what the majority of our customers want to eat.

    If you didn’t get a chance to vote – don’t worry! I will be doing more of this type of voting in the future. I love hearing your opinion and getting you all involved in the menu. It makes it more fun! Do you have an idea for another vote that we could do related to the menu? Let me know!

    Thanks again everyone! I can’t wait for you all to try the new oatmeal. It is really going to be comforting and warming on cool fall/winter mornings.

  • 16Jun

    This recipe is oh so healthy!

    Oatmeal has soluble fiber which can help you lower your LDL (“bad”) cholesterol levels and possibly reduce your risk of heart disease.

    Flaxseed is a good source of omega-3 fatty acids.  Omega 3s are polyunsaturated fats, and you need them for good health.  Our bodies can’t make omega 3s, so we have to eat them.  That’s why it’s good to eat foods like flax, walnuts, and salmon.

    Check out this link to see how The American Heart Association answers questions about “better” fats

    Cinnamon may help lower cholesterol and help you maintain a lower blood glucose level, but the research isn’t solid yet.  One thing we do know is that it tastes great in oatmeal!

    So what do you want on top of these wonderful oats?

    Here are the options again:

    #1 – raisins, a pinch of brown sugar and almonds

    #2 – dried cherries, a little bit of honey and pecans

    #3 – dried bananas, a little bit of maple syrup and granola

    I can’t wait to see which topping wins!! Vote by leaving a comment.

  • 19Jan

    I like to look at food trends to get ideas for new menu items. It is a really good way to see what is hot in the food world.

    The annual National Restaurant Association survey of American Culinary Federation member chefs is a comprehensive culinary forecast and menu trends prediction report. More than 1,800 professional chefs ranked nearly 215 culinary items as a “hot trend,” “yesterday’s news,” or “perennial favorite” on restaurant menus in 2010.

    The number one and number two top trends for the Breakfast/Brunch category were

    1. Ethnic-inspired breakfast items

    2. Traditional ethnic breakfast items (e.g. huevos rancheros)

    If you are curious about this particular food survey. Click here: http://www.restaurant.org/pdfs/research/whats_hot_2010.pdf

    I bet you can guess what our newest breakfast item is for the new spring, summer menu….

    Yes! Our own version of huevos rancheros.

    Layers of corn tortillas, eggs, black beans, Monterrey and cheddar jack cheeses, and fat free sour cream.

    Layers of corn tortillas, eggs, black beans, Monterrey and cheddar jack cheeses, and fat free sour cream.

    Good Measure Meals Vice President, Elston Collins and Senior Director of Program and Policy Development and Dietitan for Good Measure Meals, Charlotte Hayes taste the new breakfast with high approval.

    Good Measure Meals Vice President, Elston Collins and Senior Director of Program and Policy Development and Dietitan for Good Measure Meals, Charlotte Hayes taste the new breakfast with high approval.

    Chris Mayer loves this new addition. Chris is Good Measure Meals Sales Support and does Customer Service for us too.

    Chris Mayer loves this new addition. Chris is Good Measure Meals Sales Support and does Customer Service for us too.

    The results were unanimous – this one is good!

    Let us know what you think.

    Have you come accross any hot new food trends that we should know about???