• 04Jun

    Contributed by Charlotte Hayes, Good Measure Meals’ Senior Director of Program and Policy Development

         Schools are out and the long Memorial Day weekend is over.  This week is the first seemingly ordinary week in a while.  Unless you are one of the lucky ones heading off for a summer vacation, things may seem pretty run of the mill to you too. I came to discover though, that this is not just an ordinary week!

          I live in one of those areas that Atlanta sprawled into during the 50’s and 60’s.  You know – no sidewalks and neighborhood streets that dump into cut-through roads which are treacherous if you are a pedestrian.   You jump into the car to do just about everything – including heading to a fast food drive-through to pick up dinner.  Yep, typical type of development which has encouraged lifestyle patterns that have contributed to our Nation’s growing girth and declining health.

         Yet, extraordinary things have been happening where I live, and in many pockets of Metro-Atlanta. In recent years, paths and parkways have been laid.  I can now walk or bicycle to my community farmer’s market on Saturday mornings. None of this was possible a couple of years ago because neither sidewalks and bike lanes nor a farmer’s market were part of my neighborhood experience. Better yet this year, we have our first neighborhood community garden.  My family had good fortune. We have a plot!  Along with neighbors and friends, old and new, we are growing some amazing bounty.

    My family’s raised bed in our neighborhood community garden.

    My family’s raised bed in our neighborhood community garden.

    Community Health Awareness     This is getting to why this week is not just an ordinary week. It is Community Health Improvement Week, which is all about highlighting activities that protect and improve the health of communities like yours and mine.  All of the enhancements in my community are aimed at improving nutrition, physical activity and health.

         At Good Measure Meals™ we too are committed to improving the health of our GMM community.  Our goals are to:

    • Promote optimal health by making the healthy choice the easy choice,
    • Protect health by ensuring that fresh,  health promoting foods are featured in great tasting, nutrient-rich meals,
    • Provide a broad menu of nutrition and self-management support services to enable success for those who want to prevent or better manage chronic health conditions,
    • Work with our many collaborative partners throughout Atlanta to ensure that extraordinary improvements continue to happen to advance the health and wellness of everyone living in our fantastic city.

         Now you know what we’re doing at GMM to promote health, not just this week, but every week.  You also know the great things that are going on in my local community to positively impact the health of those of us who live there.

        I would like to hear your stories about community health improvements.  What health promoting activities are you involved in? And what else is happening in your local neighborhood or community to make it a healthier place to live and be?