• 23Jun

    When you’re a social enterprise like Good Measure Meals™ — one which donates 100% of your proceeds to our nonprofit parent organization — you understandably keep your marketing expenses to a minimum. Instead, you focus even more intently on enagaging customers in a conversation — whether real or virtual — so that you can provide them with a better, more personalized level of service and support.

    That works to our advantage, since no other gourmet meal provider is fortunate enough to be powered by individuals who are passionately dedicated to promoting health and wellness for everyone in our community. And no other gourmet meal provider makes such a concerted effort to listen to our customers so that we can support you and constantly adapt to your evolving needs.

    While Philip, Harmony and Katherine in Customer Service are only a phone call or an email away, many times our customers prefer to communicate with us in other ways. Whether it’s simply by posting on our Facebook page, taking one of our weekly online menu surveys, or commenting on an article in our online newsletter — EVERY customer interraction is invaluable to us. So it’s important that we continue to search for new ways to get your feedback and provide you with the most relevant information possible to help you to live a healthier life.

    And what better way to do that than to ask you to consider taking a very brief survey about your use (or non-use) of social media?

    We understand that it’s not for everyone, but it’s become an increasingly convenient and cost-effective way for GMM to provide our customers a higher level of support. Even if Facebook isn’t your thing, there may be a great blog about exercise or nutrition that you follow. Or if you don’t give a tweet about Twitter, but love watching cooking demos on YouTube, you know more about social media than you may think.

    We sincerely hope you’re take a few minutes to complete our survey. We’re not necessarily interested in what is cheap or cool, but we are definitely interested in being relevant to you and finding out more about how you’d like to interact with us. After all, your satisfaction is our number one priority!



  • 06Apr

    We have officially had one week of new menu items. Very exciting stuff! I want to know what you think. Feedback is key to the success of the menus.

    I am actively taking customer comments all of the time – this is really the only way that the menu can keep improving. Our customers voices really are heard. For example, last menu cycle we had several customers tell us that they were sensitive to red bell peppers and that there were just too many in the menu. I took the menu and reviewed every single recipe and every ingredient to identify the meals with red bell peppers – I was then able to modify the recipes and rearrange the new menu so that red bell peppers were spaced farther apart in the menu. This was never something that I had taken into consideration. Now I will be paying close attention to this for all future menus.

    Based on the feedback I can modify or tweak recipes or change the cooking method mid-cycle. I will also use the feedback in future menus.

    There are several ways to get your feedback to me:

    Leave a comment on the blog – click on the title of the blog, scroll down to the bottom and enter your comment. This type of feedback is helpful because everyone can see what you say and other customers might be inclined to get some dialogue going.

    Send me an email – I will reply promptly.
    Send an email through our new website – email goes immediately to Phyllis White, our Customer Service Manager. Go to www.goodmeasuremeals.com and click on “contact us” at the bottom of the page.

    Leave a comment on our facebook page. Also a great way to see what other customers are saying about the food.

    Every week we have a customer feedback report. All the comments go into this report and it is emailed to everyone on our staff, including our chefs. We all work together to resolve the issues and strive to continue making improvements.

    Thanks so much! I look forward to hearing from you!