• 19Nov

    Contributed by GMM Health Promotion Intern, Emily Mooney.

    Meet Callie O’Steen.
    CallieOSteen_3On the surface, she’s just like any young professional: she enjoys taking spin classes, running on the perfect fall day, and indulging at Red Pepper Taqueria. But, take a closer look and you’ll see Callie is making big waves in Atlanta’s health scene.

    Originally from Alabama, Callie grew up with an immense love of food (what else?!). She eventually attended the University of Alabama where she earned her B.S. in Dietetics, and she continued on to earn a Master’s in Public Health from Emory University. Throughout her schooling, Callie knew she wanted to do community-based nutrition work and help as many people gain healthy food access as she could. Thus, Open Hand and its partner, Good Measure Meals, seemed like the perfect place for her to establish her roots as a Registered Dietitian. Callie loves that 100% of Good Measure’s net proceeds go to Open Hand, and enjoys seeing the difference she’s making every day.

    As a Registered Dietitian for Open Hand, Callie gets to exercise her creative juices as she works to launch and sustain nutrition education classes in the community.  In addition to designing and implementing educational programming, Callie regularly visits HIV clinics, senior living centers, and the like to provide medical nutrition therapy. She offers counseling to those with HIV, diabetes, and heart disease in an effort to help them devise ways to stay healthy while keeping in consideration their health conditions. In a similar way, Callie assists with the Senior Market Basket Program. Through this program, she strives to provide fresh fruits and vegetables and nutrition educational materials to at-risk clients whose nutritional needs are not being met, yet do not qualify them for direct Open Hand assistance.

    Amidst all of her work as a dietitian, Callie hopes to instill in her clients that she is just like everybody else in terms of health challenges – she’s had to modify her own lifestyle to incorporate more fruits and vegetables in her diet and increase her physical activity. Callie strives to correct the misconception that all registered dietitians only eat celery and lettuce.  RD’s enjoy good food too! She hopes to be relatable and trustworthy above all else, striving to take a personal interest in every client. Most importantly, she strives to be a compassionate health resource for others, and hopes to put the power of better health in the individuals themselves.

    **Tune in to Channel 11 tomorrow morning at 11 a.m. to see Callie appear on Atlanta & Company! She will be giving tips for how to cook with seasonal spices AND giving out a special FLASH SALE discount.**


    Callie O’Steen, second from right, participates in a special Firefighter Fitness LLC bootcamp with some fellow GMM team members.

    Emily Mooney is a native of Lexington, Kentucky. She attended Elon University in Elon, North Carolina where she earned a Bachelor’s degree in English and a minor in Dance. Following her graduation last year, she moved to Atlanta, Georgia where she now works as a legal assistant at a small firm in Midtown. Emily is currently in the process of preparing to apply to graduate school to study Nutrition and ultimately become a registered dietitian. She has joined forces with Good Measure Meals in the interim to learn as much as she can from this fabulous team of GMM registered dietitians.

  • 14May

    Good Measure Meals

    This summer Good Measure Meals is partnering with a local fitness expert.  His name is Thomas Murphy, and not only is he the Athletic Director at Colony Square athletic Club, but he is also a NPC Physique and Power Lifting Competitor.  Thomas is working with Good Measure Meals to prepare for his upcoming competitions and control his weight through healthy nutrition.

    We asked Thomas to tell us about his fitness expertise and how Good Measure Meals are helping him achieve his goals.

    Thomas Murphy“My fitness experience is pretty much a little bit of everything. Growing up, my brothers and I were all involved in judo and soccer. I went on to try out ice hockey, basketball, and boxing. I began lifting weights in a high school class and continued on through college and haven’t missed more than 2 week in the gym ever since. My father worked as a physical therapist and I‘ve learned quite a bit from him as well. Recently, I competed in and won the Kennesaw State Iron Owl 3 Weight Lifting Competition for my weight and for overall. This past weekend I placed 9th out of 15th in the NPC Eastern Seaboard Physique Competition. I look forward to placing higher next time in July!small Chicken edamame risotto SS2013 meal

    I am a certified strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS) and have worked as a personal trainer for over 10 years now. My expertise is in improving a person’s body composition and/or improving athletic performance. However, I have become comfortable working with all different types of goals with various limitations. I have enjoyed my new role as Athletic Director of Colony Square Athletic Club as it allows more of an overall coaching role as opposed to just the physical training aspect of fitness.

    Living a healthy lifestyle is something I feel is universally appreciated. I enjoy working in this industry because I am able to help people and in some cases actually save lives. I understand my job allows me to change people in so many ways, and I enjoy being a leader for them to follow. The rewards are endless.

    I am so glad to able to have Good Measure Meals at my place of work. It is such a stress relief to know that I don’t have to worry about getting my meals ready the night before work or to get them prepared in the morning. Good Measure provides healthy, balanced meal plans that taste amazing and very much so gourmet! I look forward to seeing what I get to eat for the day and love the fact that I don’t have to calculate a thing. I know exactly how many calories are being provided and that makes the rest of my meal planning a cinch.”


    Thomas MurphyThomas Murphy, CSCS

    NPC Physique Competitor

    Stimrx fitness model

    Power Lifting Competitor – Bench 405 / Deadlift 565

  • 05Jul

    Today is July 5th and the celebrations of the holiday weekend are winding down.  How did you spend the holiday?  Enjoying time with friends and family?  Splurging at a BBQ?  Running the Peachtree?

    Many of us at Good Measure Meals spent time on Saturday and Sunday at the Peachtree Health & Fitness Expo and a few of us conquered the Peachtree Road Race on Monday!   Thanks to all who came out to support us at these events!

    Chris Mayer & Jess Parsons at our Peachtree Health & Fitness Expo Booth

    The 4th of July, just like other holidays, can throw a wrench into our healthy lifestyles. We may eat more, drink more alcohol, sleep later and overindulge in foods we don’t eat often. Parties, celebrations and travel challenge our schedules and routines.

    If you took the weekend off from healthy eating and physical activity, try to jump back into your routine today or tomorrow.  A few days off from your routine shouldn’t create much of a setback; however, more than a week or two will make it more difficult to get back into your healthy habits.  If you are a current Good Measure customer, remember to pick up your meals today as part of this process!

    If you were able to stay on track during the holiday weekend, what led to your success?  From my personal experience, these key tips have helped me to help your stay on track during the holidays, whether it be Memorial Day, the 4th of July, Thanksgiving or Christmas:

    • Have a Plan.  Set a goal to walk three extra miles each day of the holiday period to compensate for richer foods.  Choose calorie free club soda with lime over cocktails.   Bring a healthy appetizer for the party.
    • Set a Goal.  In the spirit of the Peachtree Road Race, sign up for a race on or around the holidays to keep you on track.  Consider the Atlanta Thanksgiving Day Half Marathon or 5K, the Jingle Jog around Christmas, the Resolution Run 5K on New Year’s Day or next year’s Peachtree.  Keep abreast of upcoming events in Atlanta through the Atlanta Track Club.
    • Be Realistic. No one is perfect.  We all have setbacks and life events that interfere with our plans and test us.   Holidays can be a test, but one that you can pass with the right plan!

    How do you make it through the holidays?  Share your tips for success with us!