• 18Sep

    notes from the kitchen

    When it comes to food, sometimes it feels like a choice between what tastes good and what we know is good for us. With Good Measure Meals, you don’t have to sacrifice flavor OR your health goals. Check out these healthy, fresh and still-delicious takes on classic comfort-food favorites, featured in next week’s menu!

    Asian-Inspired Turkey and Chicken Meatloaf, with Wasabi Mashed Potatoes and Edamame Succotash

    Asian Meatloaf_crop_editYour mom’s meatloaf and mashed potatoes, only better! Made with turkey and chicken instead of beef, this meatloaf is lower in fat but still high in protein, moist, and full of flavor! The kick from the wasabi means you won’t miss all the butter and whole milk that typically make mashed potatoes loaded with artery-clogging saturated fat. Even traditional succotash gets a healthy makeover thanks to the addition of edamame, or soybeans, which are full of fiber and a great plant source of complete protein. Eat up!

    Cheese Lasagna with Marinara Sauce served with a side of Zucchini and an Oat Bran Roll with Smart Balance Spread

    Zucchini on the wooden tablePortion control is key to creating a lighter and leaner version of this Italian favorite. Marinara sauce is an excellent source of the carotenoid lycopene, a potent antioxidant that offers protection against many cancers and is actually better absorbed when cooked and consumed with some fat (thanks, cheese!).
    The dinner rolls gets a boost of healthful soluble fiber from oat bran, which can help lower “bad” cholesterol, stabilize blood sugar, and promote regular bowel movements. Rounding out the meal is zucchini—a good source of potassium and vitamin C. High in water and low in calories, it will fill you up without weighing you down.

    Buon appetito!



    Today’s post was contributed by Alissa Palladino, RD, LD.

  • 24Apr

    Today’s post is contributed by GMM’s beloved Customer Service Manager, Philip Neikro

    336040_10150888354297309_499730162_o Hi Everyone! I’m Philip Niekro, GMM’s Customer Service Manager. I was asked to write a little blog entry about my favorite GMM meal. I haven’t contributed to our blog in a while, and since I’ve just recently resumed my GMM meal plan, I thought I’d share a little bit about my experience with Good Measure Meals.

    I’ve been an off and on again GMM customer for over 5 years. I found out about this wonderful service back when I was looking to lose some weight and was at a point where I didn’t know what to do next. I had a friend who had just started working for this cool company that offered a fresh, calorie-controlled meal plan that, also, happened to be a fund raiser for a wonderful local non-profit called Open Hand.

    I gave Good Measure Meals a call and started picking up their 1700 Calorie, Healthy Selection, 7-day plan the very next Monday. I had never used a meal service like this before and was excited to try a new avenue to shed some pounds. I figured I’d at least give them a try. Needless to say, I ended up staying on the plan for almost 4 months and reached my goal of losing 30+ lbs! I was thrilled with my accomplishment and became one of GMM’s biggest fans.

    A couple of years later, I heard through that same friend that they were looking to hire a new customer service representative. I jumped at the chance! I got the job and was thrilled! I was going to be working for this great company that I had been recommending to all of my friends and, at the same time, help this awesome non-profit get medically appropriate meals to a group of people in Atlanta who would otherwise be in need.

    I’m now going on my 4th year here at RagnarGood Measure Meals and, still, to this day, have to pinch myself on occasion to remind myself that, yes, you do work for this amazing company. I get to talk to all of you wonderful customers, help you choose the right plan, find out what is working for you and what isn’t, find out what your favorite dishes are, answer questions about our service to new customers, and be an ear to those of you who might need a little support. Two years ago, I became GMM’s Manager of Customer Service and am excited to be able to help steer my team into an even better customer service department while being a part of the exciting things happening at GMM and Open Hand.

    And finally: What is my favorite GMM Meals? It has to be any kind of breakfast that contains Greek yogurt. I love the build-your-own parfait breakfasts the most. For some reason, interacting with your food that way is fun and feels like a treat.

    Good Measure Meals has helped me lose weight and get healthy. I’ve learned what a correct portion size of healthy prepared food looks like. GMM takes a part of that oh so difficult losing weight equation and does that work for me. I don’t have to worry about going to the grocery store, about what to buy or leave on the shelf, I don’t have to cook for a while, and I get to enjoy really tasty meals. By letting someone else take those duties away from me, I get to use my time and energy on the other part of the equation, ramping up my exercise and working to make other important decisions regarding my diet, i.e., late night snacking, emotional eating, etc.

    Currently, I’m looking to drop a little weight again. I’m back on GMM meals and am totally loving the new menu. I’m looking forward to reaching my goal weight again and enjoy the process at the same time.

    Interested in joining me? Come join the healthy meal plan train with me! Give me a call and I’ll get you started! Let’s do this together!

    Philip and his awesome team can be reached at 404-815-7695

  • 04Aug

    Over the years, our customers have come up with some really creative ways to share and combine Good Measure Meals plans to make the weekly meal service work for their unique lives. I thought I’d share some of these ideas with you in case you’re looking for a way to make the meals fit better into your lifestyle…

    Do you prefer a 2 meal/day option such as breakfast and lunch only or lunch and dinner only?

    • How about sharing the extra meals from a 5 or 7 day plan with a friend, colleague, roommate or partner. For example – if you want breakfast and lunch only and your roommate wants dinner only, split the cost of the meals appropriately and divide the meals up.
    • Or if you’re looking for a lunch & dinner only option – how about purchasing a 7 day dinner only plan and using some of the dinners as lunches. This works well if you don’t know anyone that wants to share the plan with you and if you have several days during the week where you know you’ll be going out to eat for meals and don’t need a lunch or a dinner every day.

    Do you want a lunch only option?

    • Purchase the dinner only plan and instead of eating the meals for dinner eat them for lunch.

    Make the meals work for your family – there are lots of options to think about for your family. It really depends on your own unique schedule and personal goals. Here are a few ideas…

    • You could purchase a full meal plan and divide the meals up between your family members, as needed.
    • Or how about purchasing a full meal plan for yourself and dinner only meal plans for your family members who need a convenient healthy meal as well.

    Do you want a breakfast only option?

    • Purchase the full meal plan and then split the cost and lunches and dinners with a friend, colleague, roommate or partner.

    Want some more vegetarian meals, but not a full vegetarian meal plan?

    • Order the no seafood meal plan – vegetarian meals replace the seafood meals so you’ll get 2 more vegetarian meals for the full no seafood plan or 1 more vegetarian meal for the dinner only meal plan.

    Want less red meat?

    • How about dividing the cost of the meals and sharing them with a friend, colleague, roommate or partner who is a fan of these meals.

    Please remember: Food safety is important!! Always eat the meals on or before the day listed on the label. Freezing your meals is a safe way to store your meals for consumption after the day printed on the label.   

    Do you have a creative way to make Good Measure Meals fit into your lifestyle?  Share your ideas with us! We’d love to hear from you!

  • 01Mar

    Food safety is at the top of our list here at Good Measure Meals. When it comes to transporting the food, it is very important to keep the meal plans at a safe temperature throughout the delivery route. This is why Good Measure Meals transports and delivers all food in our fleet of refrigerated trucks. It is too risky for food to be delivered in room temperature vehicles. It doesn’t take long for harmful bacteria to multiply and make the food unsafe and risky for consumption.

    Once the food reaches our customers it is important for them to follow these food safety steps:

    1. Minimize the amount of time that the meals are kept at room temperature. Put them into the refrigerator as soon as possible. Don’t leave them out on the counter or in your car for long periods of time.
    2. Eat the meals on the day marked on the label. If the meals can’t be eaten that day, you can freeze them for consumption at a later date.
    3. Reheat food to a safe temperature of 165 °F or until steaming hot.

    Come along on a route with us by clicking on the video below and see just how important these trucks are to food safety.