• 30Jan
    Thanks to BCBS of Georgia for the pedometers!

    Is your New Year’s resolution to lose weight or get fit losing momentum?  Why not join us in our Wellness @ Work Get Fit Challenge?

    Launching today, each participating employee (including yours truly) will track how many steps we walk daily and report them to our assigned health coach on campus each Friday.  Prizes will be given throughout the challenge to motivate us to keep moving.

    Why participate?  For me personally, I’m taking an unplanned running hiatus, so I’m actually trying to compensate by boosting my low impact activity!  Aside from my personal goals, I already love the competitive spirit and creativity that our challenge has started around campus (as in Excel spreadsheets with graphs and a proposal to bring dogs to work to promote walking).

    No matter what your fitness level, walking is something everyone can participate in doing.    We hope to see more walk & talk meetings, walking groups at lunch time and walking to and from each others’ work spaces.

    How many steps should you take per day?  For good health, 10,000 steps per day is recommended, or the equivalent of walking 5 miles.   Even if you don’t have time to schedule a five mile walk, anyone can make time for short walking breaks throughout the day that total 10,000 steps!

    Want to join us?   Here are the steps to get started!

    Buy a pedometer. Pedometers come in all sizes and pricetags.  If you have a smartphone, you can download a pedometer app as well.  Find one that works for you, attach it to your waist every day, and write down your results each night.

    Know your baseline.  If you haven’t been active lately, 10,000 steps per day may not be a realistic goal just yet.  Wear the pedometer for a day or two while doing your usual actitivites to get an idea of your baseline activity level.

    Set small goals. If you normally walk between 2000-3000 steps per day, set a goal to walk 3500-4000 steps per day for the first week.  For week 2, step it up a notch and aim for 4000-5000 steps per day.  Adjust as you are able to without overdoing it or injuring yourself until you reach 10,000 steps per day!

    Reward yourself. For each day you achieve your steps goal, put 50 cents or $1.00 in a jar.  At the end of the eight week challenge, go buy yourself a “prize” with the money you saved.   Choose something fitness related – maybe upgrade your pedometer, buy a meditation CD to listen to after your walks, or a new pair of walking shoes!

  • 04Jun

    It’s the 4th day of the Challenge and I am right on track!  I have dropped one pound and seen a difference mostly in my energy level!  It is funny how making healthy changes positively influence other aspects of your life!

    So I found my pedometer this morning which sparked the idea for this blog entry.  A pedometer is the fancy term for a step counter.  It clips onto your waistband and counts the number of steps a person takes by detecting the motion of the hips.  The more pricy versions will even record the distance your walked (number of steps x step length) and measure calories burned.  There are many versions of pedometers out there and honestly, there is a difference in quality.  While any pedometer will work as a motivator, not all are accurate.  If you purchase a pedometer, do a test first and count out 100 steps and see what it records.  The best pedometers will be within ± 5% error.

    We obviously use pedometers to count our steps, but what number are we trying to achieve? The US Surgeon General recommends that a daily target of 10,000 steps, as this is the necessary amount to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle.  For an adult this is equivalent to about 5 miles, but obviously children should accrue more steps per day.

    So I will be wearing my pedometer each day and making sure that I am reaching the 10,000 step mark.  I figure if make small daily goals, they will make my big goal of 13 pounds much easier to achieve!  On the nutrition front, I am sticking with my 1200 calorie plan from Good Measure Meals(Delicious Golden Harvest Whole Grain Pineapple & Carrot Breakfast Bread this morning! mmm).  Between my planned nutritional intake and increased physical activity, I am making positive “strides” in the right direction.  My apologies, I just had to throw in the cheesy play on words!

    So grab your walking shoes, your Good Measure Meals, and a pedometer and let’s get this challenge moving!