• 25Jun

    What’s the first thing a person thinks about when he or she thinks about summer?

    Vacation. True.

    And you know what’s right up there on the summertime “must do” list? Good Measure Meals. Surprised? Well here’s a little logic to help with the word-association whenever someone mentions summertime again.

    1) When’s the one time in the entire year that you really want to look good? Hint: Skirts, dresses, tank tops…bathing suits… Exactly. Summer. Get that arm flab outta here.

    2) Looking good is not magic. It takes a lot of focus and planning. But what is actually magical is that Good Measure Meals does a lot of the focus and planning work for you. GMM can’t make you exercise, but it can take ALL of the guesswork out of what you should be eating each day to help you reach your best Summertime shape.Time to Get Fit for the Summer!

    - We have well-balanced and portion-controlled meals that are designed to meet specific nutritional guidelines from meal to meal and from day to day.

    - Since we organize by calorie count, you can keep better track of your progress toward weight loss (or weight gain, if you’re trying to build muscle like our summer fitness expert, Thomas Murphy) than you could by yourself.

    3) The summer variety on our menus keeps your taste buds interested with all your favorite dishes of the season. Buffalo Chicken Sandwich; Carolina Style BBQ Pulled Chicken with Chow Chow relish, Field Peas, and Banana Pudding; Crab Cake Sandwich with Jalapeno Aioli Spread; Cilantro Lime Shrimp over Quinoa and Black Bean Salad; Vegetarian and Beef Fajitas with Onions, Portobello Mushrooms and Peppers; Southern Style Oven “Fried” Chicken with BBQ Beans and Collard Greens, fresh green salads and so so so much more!

    PGMM Spring/Summer 2013 Mealslus, our meals are easily portable for all your summer travels to the pool, beach, mountains, lake (OK maybe that’s us projecting OUR ideal summer vacation schedule).

    4) Speaking of traveling, Good Measure Meals is super flexible for your summer schedule. If you can’t pack your meals in a cooler and take them with you (ideal scenario, obviously), just give us a call before 4 p.m. on Thursdays to put your deliveries on hold for the next week while you scurry over to Europe or to Cancun or to the Hamptons, or wherever else all you awesome world-traveling jet-setters choose to summer. We’ll just set you a restart date so that directly upon your return home, you can expect to resume picking up your meals and extend the mental vacation by not worrying about meal planning for the next long while.

    Summer is upon us, and we can’t wait…especially since Good Measure Meals is here to help make this the best season yet!