• 12Nov

    Like many of us, Hot 107.9 radio personality and producer Tonya Clackum, AKA “Beyonce Alowishus,” repeatedly found her busy schedule standing in the way of her health goals.
    She regularly skipped breakfast, sacrificed nutrition for convenience at lunchtime, and grabbed fast food on the way home from work.

    After years of struggling with her weight, trying every diet under the sun, she was looking for a plan that would allow her to lose weight despite her busy schedule, eat fresh food, and be sustainable long-term. Her doctor suggested Good Measure Meals (GMM).

    Tonya was immediately impressed by the friendly, informative Good Measure Meals staff and wide variety of meals on the menu. The calorie and portion controlled meals made it easy and convenient for her to eat healthfully – and deliciously! And once she found out that GMM proceeds go back into the community by supporting the non-profit Open Hand Atlanta, she was hooked.

    Tonya starting receiving the 1200 calorie meal plan, 7 days per week, and documenting her experience in a series of blog posts. Check out some of her comments below!

    “A lot of times we go on diets and feel as though we have to starve ourselves, but that’s not the case with GMM. The meals are very filling, and now that I’m eating the correct portions, I get fuller much faster and have learned not to over-eat.

    With other diets in the past, the weight would come right back when I got off the program. So I was nervous to be away from Good Measure Meals during one 10-day train trip through Canada. But this time, I didn’t gain weight or fall off my diet. How did I manage? Portion control. Plus, I opted for more of what I had eaten with GMM- more fruits, whole grains, and baked and grilled foods.

    The best parts of the program are the food variety (I never had the same meal twice), easy pick-up locations, being informative and affordable, and the GREAT taste. My favorite meal? Ground Turkey Stuffed Bell Peppers. Some other favorites include Tilapia Florentine with Brown Rice and Broccoli, Brunswick Stew with Cornbread, and Turkey Meatloaf with Parsley Potatoes.

    Not only did I lose weight on the program, it taught me portion control. I felt better overall, and even my blood pressure went down. I also felt good about getting involved with the non-profit Open Hand. All the net proceeds from GMM go to support Open Hand, and Open Hand serves more than 6,500 meals a day to people who are home-bound seniors or less fortunate across 17 counties in Georgia (AMAZING)!!!

    My friends and co-workers say I look great, but it’s not just because of the weight loss; it’s also because the meals are so well planned. I am getting all of my daily nutrients that my body needs on a daily basis. Plus the MAIN reason I am a fan is that all of the money raised by GMM goes to Open Hand Atlanta. It’s just AWESOME. Period. 1200 calories a day and I get my breakfast, lunch and dinner. It’s FRESH, not processed and frozen. It’s super healthy and it goes to a good cause. I have never felt better.”


    Several months into her Good Measure Meals, Tonya is 20 POUNDS DOWN and continues to lose weight, looking and feeling better every day.

    For updates on Tonya’s health and weight loss journey with Good Measure Meals, follow her on Twitter and Instagram @BeyonceATL.

  • 17Oct


    When I went to college, I did not gain the Freshman 15, but rather the Freshman FORTY. I’m not sure exactly how or why this happened, although late night pizza and all-you-can-eat dining halls probably didn’t hurt.

    After college, I slowly lost the weight over two years. Between changing my diet, stopping bad habits (eating late) and exercising, I shed the pounds. Now over 10 years later, I’ve managed to keep off the weight.


    What have been the keys to my success?

    • Trying on my fit-like-a-glove jeans regularly.  Almost everyone has one pair of jeans that make you feel your best.  I try them on every couple of weeks.  If a muffin top is forming, it’s time to cut back on snacks and treats and add a workout or two in for the week.
    • Setting a cut-off weight. This is my weight that I vow to never exceed again and is within 5-10 pounds of my where I feel best.  My jeans usually keep me in check but I hop on the scale at least once a month just to be sure.
    • Finding activities that I love. I hated going to the gym.  I found walking boring and not challenging.  So I kept trying new things until I found activities that I loved.  I learned that I don’t like exercising indoors, so I do a combination of tennis, boot camp and running outside at least five days each week.  Fortunately, I live in a climate where we can do most of these outdoors year round!


    But what else works?  If these things don’t work for you, what are other tips to help keep the weight off?


    The National Weight Control Registry is a group of 10,000 people who have successfully maintained a 30 pound weight that loss for a year or more.  Women make up 75% of the registry and most participants are college-educated.

    As a part of the registry, participants complete annual lifestyle questionnaires. Recently, researchers reviewed the questionnaires of 3,000 ten-year participants.

    Researchers found that registry participants usually:

    • Keep track of their food intake.
    • Count calorie, fat grams or use a calorie controlled weight-loss program.
    • Eat a low-calorie, low-fat diet (~1,800 calories per day, less than 30% calories from fat).
    • Eat breakfast.
    • Eat at restaurants an average of three times a week and fast food less than once a week.
    • Eat similar foods often.
    • Don’t splurge at holidays and special occasions.
    • Walk about an hour a day or do other activities to burn the same calories.
    • Watch less than 10 hours of TV weekly.
    • Hop on the scale at least weekly.


    Have any of these tips worked for you?  Have you lost a substantial amount of weight on Good Measure Meals? If so, how have you maintained the weight loss? Share your stories with us and we will highlight your success in future posts!